Randy Henry’s story doesn’t stop at academia. His drive to write his book stems from encounters with high school students and their parents who struggle with the challenges of accomplishing success in collegiate athletics. He’s witnessed firsthand the lack of awareness regarding the importance of grades and NCAA eligibility requirements, resulting in crushed dreams and disappointment. Randy’s deep desire is to motivate and guide young men, signifying that there are concrete paths to success in the world of sports.

Randy’s educational journey began with his graduation from Mackenzie High School in 1972, where he laid the foundation for his future endeavors. In 1972-1973, he took his first step towards higher education by enrolling at Indian Hills Community Junior College. This experience marked the beginning of a lifelong dedication to learning and personal development.

In essence, Randy Henry is a tireless champion for the youth of today. He is devoted to ensuring that they have the knowledge and resources required to excel both academically and athletically. Through his writings, advocacy, and the impact he makes in the lives of young athletes and their families, Randy Henry has become a guiding light, showing the way to success in the world of sports and education.


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