Plague of Pain

The Avatar and his men are still ensconced in their underground hideout and are now causing multiple problems, including Spontaneous Human Combustion and the Plague of Pain, in which people are afflicted by the Avatar’s Death Angels with unremitting pain that can’t be treated and causes them to die in an unheard-of fashion within twelve hours or less.

Grady, taking a break after the event at the Texas Stadium, meets Dr. Mitch Garrett at a music concert given by a famous 1980s group, after the lead singer becomes a victim of Spontaneous Human Combustion. Garrett is working with Dr. “Ash” Ashby to try to determine what is happening and why.

Combining forces, Grady and Mitch face terrible odds as they search for the Avatar and his 400 acolytes who are causing these problems using their Magick. Grady and Mitch are asked to visit a new hotel to hear about the growth of Los Angeles by the governor of California, Dr. Ashby’s former college roommate. The Avatar and his men have already taken over the hotel. It is up to Grady and Mitch to get 500 or more people out of the hotel safely and end the Avatar’s quest to kill the governor and everyone else in the hotel.
Grady and Mitch, accompanied by several other people, take the fight to the Avatar and his people, who have learned how to create a rift between our world and Hell, literally as one would envision it.

As fewer and fewer of these men are left alive, leaving only three or four men to beat the Avatar and his people, they are forced to do things they would rather not. For the first time, the Avatar is discovered, and, in a major twist, he changes! And not for the better. What happens then is unexpected and murderous and will affect the future of the country.

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