Plague of Death

The Avatar and his men, who are in groups of 400 in major cities all around the world, were formed and developed by a self-proclaimed Great Old One, who communicates to millions of men around the world through the Avatar.

This Great Old One has been on its way to Earth, through space, until it finally lands on Earth. Unlike the Great Old Ones of Lovecraft’s work, who thought of humans as totally worthless, useless beings who are like ants and should be ignored by the Great Old Ones, this creature has a different goal in mind―it wants to destroy humanity, leaving only enough people to reproduce to feed it for generations to come. It has made a deal with the Avatar to have him become it’s second in command, and the Avatar would be responsible for maintaining the humans left to feed the creature. After it lands on Earth, it begins to methodically kill people, entire cities of people, leaving only enough to feed on.

Xander Champlain III, Grady Masters, and the rest of the League of Watchers come to California and join with Mitch Garrett, “Ash” Ashby, and others to try to stop the supposed Great Old One. They find, however, that they may be overwhelmed and unable to kill this almost “God-like” Great Old One.

Then, only Grady has a possible or impossible idea―fight the Great Old One with another Great Old One―but where and how can that be done? After it destroys the people in California, the Great Old One they are fighting will continually expand its territory until it takes over the world with the Avatar and his millions of men worldwide backing the creature.

What can fewer than a dozen people do to stop death and destruction on a worldwide scale? Whatever it is they need to do, they are facing a challenge―if they wait too long to destroy the creature―if they even can destroy it―it may be too late for humanity.

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