Plague of Magick

Grady Masters, a former special operations warrior, gets into a fight that goes bad. He is injured and only survives with the help of Xander Champlain III, also a former special operations soldier who still has contacts at the highest levels of the United States government, some of whom call upon him for help when needed.

Xander, who is a Chaos Magician and who practices real Magick, asks Grady to join him in forming a small private investigations office right outside of Denver, Colorado. The two men do so and soon become embroiled in a plot to take over the world by an eldritch creature, “the Ancient One,” who is working with others to kidnap hundreds of women and sacrifice them all at the same time to bring other eldritch creatures to our world; they plan to destroy humanity.

It is up to Xander and his Legion of Watchers, and Grady, who has begun to learn a modicum of magick, to try to save the lives of thousands of women and put a stop to this creature and his human allies’ plans.

But can five people take on hundreds of followers of the Ancient One and literally do the impossible―and survive? When Xander Champlain III and his League of Watchers become embroiled in the fight, death will be the most noted of the fabled four horsemen of what is genuinely a potential apocalypse.

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