Plague of Fear

Dr. Mitch Garrett and his fiancé go to visit one of his friends in Los Angeles. This friend is planning a fun weekend which includes a graduate student in parapsychology attempting to determine if there are any paranormal phenomena in the host’s new purchase, an old house with quite a bad history.
During a séance, when one person is killed in front of the others, the house is suddenly locked down with metal plates covering all the doors and windows. No one can get out.
The Avatar and his band of homicidal maniacs are working to feed psychic energy into the house, to supplement the innate psychic energy generated by the deaths and dismemberments that have already taken place there.
Will anyone come out of the house alive?

At the same time, a local, strongly backed group of what might be called Mafioso find themselves fighting a new group looking to take over their territory: The Avatar and his Army of 400 hairless men who use their own form of Magick.
Bullets can’t fight Magick―can they win, or will the Avatar and his men continue to spread their unique forms of terror and death in the area?
When faced with Magick, that is inimical to the world, how can anyone survive?

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